Business Leaders Forum | Bartlomiej Roch (Tepelné hospodářství Hradec Králové)
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My name is Bartlomiej Roch. My current work is in two faculties – management and finance and accounting at Warsaw University. I hope that by encouraging me to explore my interests from a diverse range of approaches, “Manager Shadowing Across the Border” program will allow me to develop my fullest potential as a worker and student. I am eager to be pointed in new and unanticipated directions in THHK company in a foreign country such as the Czech Republic.


Participation in the program „Shadowing Across the Borders” in THHK A.S company turned out to be the best experience in my professional life. Mr. Seidler the CEO of the company spent with me almost two weeks in which he showed company’s structure and the way how it is run. First of all, we discussed about the company’s strategy based on a balanced scorecard, later about marketing, Public Relation and behavior during crisis situation. Furthermore, I spent one day with the financial director. In that time I increased my knowledge in a financial reporting, controlling and quality management. Finally, one day of shadowing the investment director was focused on an investment valuation based on NPV method. The variety of business topics discussed during the program was enormous and enabled me to gain valuable knowledge in a very short period of time. Mr. Seidler has a deep knowledge about the business due to his rich experience. He is also a good speaker and communicate the information in an interesting and accessible way. All above make that I am very satisfied with participation in the program and sincerely urge all students to take part in it.