Business Leaders Forum | Michal Minárik (D.A.S.)
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I am a highly motivated student from Slovakia.

In my life I will become a manager or an owner of company. If I want to fulfill these dreams responsibly I have to be eager to learn new things and I know that I have to learn my whole life. When progress stops the only thing that follows is fall. I am confident that through this program I will learn priceless lessons from big leaders. This can help me move forward rapidly and use gained skills and experiences in area that will be entrusted to me. For exchange I am willing to offer my ideas, thinking and experiences. I believe that this cooperation can be advantageous for both sides and that I will be a big asset for the company.


Shadowing beyond the borders of a casual life

I stepped out from the bus in Prague. Even though I have never been in that city before, I felt like at home, in Slovakia – everyone was rushing to get somewhere, asocial individuals were staying in a shelter and most importantly, people were speaking in a very familiar language. Immediately,

I started looking and asking around for an exchange office, but found out there was none at the Florenc bus station. Luckily, there was a young man who changed a bit of money with me in the subway, so that I could buy my ticket. What a nice help for a foreigner!

On the second day, after arriving in DAS, we had a meeting with Mr. Beran, who was in charge of shadowing in DAS. I was immediately surprised by his openness – he answered me about whatever I asked and held no secrets. During the first days, I had the opporunity to spend time mostly with Mr. Beran, who is the HR Director of DAS and therefore has a very good understanding of the whole company. Mr. Beran also has a proficiency in Sales, Marketing and even in IT, so he is a person who can see into the work of basically all employees and who tries bring about positive change in various aspects of business into the company. In the following days, I went through all the departments of the company and I learned about the operations of each of them. One doesn’t get such a complete picture of a company even as its employee.

I am very grateful for the chance to broaden my horizons and partially reveal the mystery of managing a company. I always appreciate the opportunity to spend time with wise people – I try to learn something from each of them, becaus I believe that such experiences and such knowledge are very useful in life.