Business Leaders Forum

Business Leaders Forum promotes the idea of corporate social responsibility in the Czech Republic since 1992. Our organization is a platform for socially responsible entrepreneurs who care about people and the environment in which it operates. We help companies implement the principles of social responsibility, we arrange meetings of corporate leaders, and we inspire college students and show the benefits of CSR. When preparing our projects we built on our experience and tradition while looking to the future.

For more than 10 years we are also a proud member of the Brussels’s organization CSR Europe, as one of its 22 national partners. The aim of this platform is to promote and support of responsible entrepreneurships in the European Union. In this respect, CSR Europe works closely with the European Commission.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is defined as a desire to bring new dynamics and inspiration in the field of sustainable entrepreneurships. Our mission based on the philosophy of sustainable and fair business aims at the harmonious development of Czech society. Personal values and creativity of our team creates a unique opportunity for innovation and search for new solutions. The mission of our organization has always been to promote the development of ethical and responsible activities of companies towards their customers, suppliers, employees and, ultimately, to their surroundings and the wider Czech society. Our long term goal is to create a sustainable business environment where social and environmental interests of the society will be respected.