We transform the idea of CSR into a reality

Business Leaders Forum (BLF) is a platform for socially responsible entrepreneurs who care about people and the environment in which it operates. We help companies implement the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR), we organize meetings of corporate leaders and university students, and we show and inspire the benefits of CSR.

We have worked for 25 years with Corporate Social Responsibility. We prepare our projects by build on experience and tradition while looking towards the future. Our members include Czech companies and Czech subsidiaries of multinational firms, and our numbers continue to grow. You can join us too.

CSR is not just a concept of management theory and marketing: it is an idea that we transform into a reality in a way that can benefit your business and society.

We are a part of the prestigious international organizations CSR Europe. We follow modern trends of CSR abroad and implement the best of them in the Czech business environment.

Business Leaders Forum is made ​​up of experienced, open, and active people. BLF patrons include personalities from business and socio-political life. The Executive Committee has renowned business leaders and CSR managers with years of experience. The BLF team features members who have international experience, enthusiasm for the concept of CSR, and understanding of individual companies. Business Leaders Forum works with leading experts and partner organizations.

We will share with you our know-how, so that, together, we can make Corporate Social Responsibility a reality.