Jan Thompson OBE, Ambassador of the United Kingdom in the Czech Republic
More about Jan here.

Tomas Holub, Advisor to the Minister of Defense for spiritual service
„Scholastics ethics very clearly defines justice as the lowest level of love. And we would be in his search for love often want to skip out, but it’s just not..“

Zuzana Roithova, European Parliament
„An informed consumer is sovereign and therefore is a key catalyst for fair business within the European market.“

Ivan Pilny, President of Tuesday Business Network, Founder of the Czech branch of Microsoft
„Every coin has its obverse and reverse, so we not only have rights but also responsibilities. The responsibility for yourself, your family, the people around us and the environment in which we live. Let’s be real architects of their destiny.“

Marta Kolska, Owner of ethically responsible network of cafes and roasters of fair-trade coffee, Mamacoffee
“Responsibility does not need to weigh, on the contrary, responsible approach brings satisfaction of our decisions. Accountability to yourself is to ask every day what I eat, what I drink. Wonder who are the people who drink or food grown, prepared. Do they live in decent conditions and will my consumption support even them and their next generations? “

Premysl Filip, CSR Expert
Premysl worked besides other things in Skoda Auto or as a CSR manager in Vodafone. Also he was a member of Executive Committee in Business Leaders Forum.