With over 20 years of experience in the field of corporate social responsibility in the Czech environment we offer consultations and services that actively contribute to the fulfilment of the CSR ideology.

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For CSR managers

Take advantage of our 20 years of experience in CSR

Thinking of implementing socially responsible activities in your company? Need help with the implementation of CSR projects? Looking for new ideas for your CSR activities? Together we will find ways to create meaningful and effective CSR activities that will benefit your company and contribute to its reputation. See how we can help.

Consultation and management CSR projects

We provide individual consultation CSR activities – regardless of the extent to which you are currently implementing CSR. We will advise you on strategies whether you are just beginning to develop socially responsible activities or need help with making your existing strategies better.

We know that every company is different, and therefore we do not offer a universal solution, but always prepare a plan suited to each specific company.

We will discuss with you the priorities of your company in the area of ​​social responsibility. Together we will determine an appropriate strategy, plan a budget and timetable for each step and help you implement your strategy (CSR Strategic Design & Project Management). You will have our daily practical support. We will prepare for you actions related to the topic of corporate social responsibility (CSR Event Management).

With our professional experience, we guarantee that we will help you avoid mistakes that could cost you time, money and energy. We have 20 years of experience and ideas on how to professionally develop CSR in the Czech Republic.

Consulting services are provided to both Member and non-member companies of the Business Leaders Forum.

Membership in the group of prestigious companies and involvement in our activities

If you currently do not plan specific CSR activities, but want to be among the leading businesses in terms of social responsibility become a member of the Business Leaders Forum. Members have access to all of our events and regular information service, including an automatic subscription to our newsletter, the BLF Times. You will not miss any important news in the field. You can also become a partner of our programs and show that corporate social responsibility is important to you.

  • We are happy to meet with you and discuss the possibility of cooperation. Please contact us.

For Students

Gain new knowledge and experience valuable for you career

One is not born as a social responsible manager. Good education may give you high quality background, however not to overlook is to hook up theory with practice. We would like to invite you to join our projects that will help you to expand your knowledge, find out more about best practices and get together with the key managers of the CSR sector. Make the best out of it!

Are you willing to find out more about manager everyday duties? Join the project Manager Shadowing that we have been organizing for already 20 years. This project will give you an opportunity to accompany the manager directly in the process of the strategy creation.

We also coordinate the international project Shadowing Across the Border, which was created thanks to support of the Visegrad Fund for the purpose of development of cooperation between students from the countries of Visegrad Four (V4).

Are you interested in meeting top managers of the Czech and foreign enterprises? To findout more about the newest trends in management, marketing or IT join the lectures held by the top managers in our project Business Master Classes.

Are you willing to get more insight into CRS? Apply for an internship position directly at Business Leaders Forum. We are looking for motivated students that will bring new ideas and inspirations. Are you a student of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) at the University of Economics and want to apply your knowledge to practice? Have you already heard about project CSR Ambassadors giving you opportunity to co-develop the innovative environmental enterprise strategy? Are you looking for information about CSR to write your final thesis? Read the basic information or visit the section what is CSR to find more detailed information and links.

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For Media

Contact us to have your questions answered

  • Are you looking to write a piece about the importance and principles of CSR?
  • We will advise you, provide you with expert opinion or arrange an interview for you with CSR managers
  • Are you looking for specific examples of the impact of CSR?


Sandra Feltham
President BLF
e-mail: info@blf.cz