Learn from the best

Project Manager Shadowing was, for a long time in the Czech Republic, a unique project that came from a long tradition and rich experience. Our program is one of the few that successfully connects academics with the business, and as a result, creates cooperation beneficial to both parties.

Projects call for master students of all years in Czech colleges and universities. Students, during the internship, are shadowing manager in reputable firms, identifying management practices and gaining practical experience, which complements with the theoretical knowledge acquired in school.

Internships take place over a period of 10 working days, during which students have the opportunity to work directly with the director of the company or its senior manager. The result is not just a mere studying of operations of the company. It also includes mentoring from experienced professionals who want to share their knowledge.

  • The program is primarily designed for MA students, but students obtaining a Bachelor’s degree might also participate.
  • The length of placements depends on an agreement between the student and the manager.
  • Venue placements will usually happen at our headquarters.
  • Participation is free of charge for students.

The new year is just beginning and, as every year, now is the time to connect with very interesting companies and managers. Students can look forward to these companies (more information on the shadow managers could be found below):