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Strengthening the role of women

Because we believe that women have an important role in the formation of values ​​that anchor the company and the opportunity to positively influence the economic development of the Czech Republic, we decided to implement the first meeting of Czech business women according to the concept of Lean In, whose mutual goals support talented personalities through the process of sharing experiences.

Lean In organization’s primary method is to take a wide range of female personalities and divide them into groups of 10 participants that can pass on tips and tricks on how to manage roles of mothers, daughters, wives and managers, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The main idea is that these meetings will provide support through mutual discussion and targeted exchange of ideas concerning the specific gender role case studies listed previously.

Women are an under-estimated labor force in society. However, their empathy, which allows them to see things in a broader context, and their sensitivity to human needs can help businesses to enhance their competitiveness and boost the overall economy.


Lean In Organization’s Schedule

Lean In participants meet at facilitated boards monthly, from September to June, in order to share their knowledge, inspire and learn from each other.

Please do not hesitate to contact Iva Petrickova with questions on specific dates and other details.

Lean In Organization Rules

  • Confidentiality and respect for privacy since we always have in mind 3N: nothing, no one, never
  • Open and honest communication and active participation
  • True sharing, deliberate over meaningful conversation topics
  • Real listening, no judgments, and strictly sharing personal experience only

Lean In Organization’s Objectives

  • Move the debate about the role of women in society from topics such as quotas, gender and positive discrimination to subject of using women’s skills and potential for creating a quality living environment
  • Being actively involved in spreading and managing the media coverage of stories and topics discussed by and featuring Lean In groups and their leaders
  • Transmitting the ideas of Lean In by implementing additional groups outside of Prague



The community that developed in reaction to a fantastic book Lean In a related activity, it is a great thing. I believe in networking, openness, sharing of experience, who through inspiration and our removal of internal barriers and prejudices cause evolutionary revolution in gender issue. Renata Mrázová, CEO ING Insurance CZ, SK and patron of the project Lean In



Women in the Czech Republic represent one of the most underutilized sources of talent for Czech businesses.  There are of course many different reasons for this, but I perceive it as a huge pity because when companies help women harmonize their careers with their families, my experience is that they are incredibly efficient and loyal employees. I am happy to be part of Lean In programme. Muriel Anton, CEO Vodafone Czech Republic and patron of the project Lean In


The Lean In project intrigued me for many reasons. Even though we are not active in the field of business, the role of women (and mothers) in the labor market is an area in which I want to be involved in the future. As a working mom, it is important for me to resist the stereotypes, be inspired by strong women who know what they want and had to often fight against the mainstream and stand up for their rights. The right to be both a loving mother and a business professional is essential. Therefore, I support the Lean In club because I believe that through meeting and sharing experiences, we can strengthen the role of women in society and contribute to breaking the myths and stereotypes of gender, which is being still very prevalent in our society today.“  Petra Antošová, consultant for development organizations, education and development cooperation and patron of the project Lean In

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